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Alternator Repair

What's an Alternator?

Simply put, an alternator is what keeps your vehicle battery charged. It basically recharges the battery using the power from the engine when you're driving. It also gives power to other electrics in your car whilst you are driving.

A lot of the time, drivers will mistakenly think that their vehicle has a problem with it's battery, when it really is simply the alternator that is faulty.

How can you fix it? 

If your battery is dying at regular intervals, and doesn't seem to be holding its charge, then the battery could actually be fine, and the alternator may need repairing.

Not only do we stock alternators for various makes and models of vehicle, but our team have the expertise and experience to get your alternator repaired ASAP. 

Alternators are essential for a working vehicle and as such, need to be looked after and monitored.