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One Stop Check are MOT specialists. We've got over 35 years of MOT testing under our belt, and every single one has been done with a friendly approachable smile.

MOT's at an affordable price.

We offer the complete MOT service at £35 so there really isn't an excuse not to have your MOT at One Stop.

Our charges for MOTs are:

  • Full MOT - Just £40
  • Full MOT and Interim Service - from £99 inc VAT

Experienced team to repair anything that needs it.

If the worst comes to the worst and and an MOT throws up an unexpected problem with your car, our fully trained and friendly team are qualified to fix it - no matter what is wrong.

If work does need doing, our team won't do anything that will cost you money, before you've given it the go ahead.

We always let you inform you and give you a quote for any repairs before we start work. This way, your not stuck with a bill you don't want to, or can't pay.

With great deals and friendly, experienced technicians, call us on 01269 593 737 to book your car in - or you can book an appointment online.

What is an MOT - and why do i need it?

Simply put, once over 3 years old it is a legal requirement for your vehicle to have one once a year.

It's an annual safety check that makes sure your vehicle is safe to drive, and that the emissions are within the limits allowed by the DVSA.

All our Team are DVSA-approved MOT testers, and can be trusted to give a full and fair MOT test.

Without an MOT you cannot drive your vehicle lawfully, or even renew your road tax. And, if you don't get an MOT within the required time, you could face a fine.

Its not a question of when, but where you get yours done, and we think we'd be the perfect place for your next MOT.

Great Offers On MOTs

We reckon we've got the best deals on MOTs around...

Full MOT
Just £40

MOT and Service
From £99!

Book online now or call us on 01269 593737


It's important to know that an MOT Test is not the same as having a Service.

An MOT checks you meet the basic legal requirements for being on the road, but doesn't inspect the mechanical workings of your car or van, and doesn't carry out any maintenance.

Servicing is important to make sure you car keeps running smoothly, and to make sure any warranty is kept valid. We can service your car at the same time your MOT's been carried out - starting at just £99 for an MOT and interim service.

If you're not sure about the care your car needs - just give us a call on 01269 593 737 and we'll help you work out what's needed.