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Ball Joint Replacement

What on earth is a ball joint?

A Ball joint is the part of your vehicles suspension that connects the steering to the control arms. Basically it's a ball and socket joint that means your suspension can move and your can steer the wheels at the same time.

Depending on the type of vehicle you have you will have multiple ball joints.

Why do i need to replace it?

As with most of your suspension system, the ball joints are susceptible to wear and tear, and can become loose with time. This can affect the alignment of your wheels and add to the wear of your tires.

If you do not get your Ball joints replaced, then over time, they can wear to the point of failure, and this will result in your suspension collapsing and ultimately cause you to loose control of your Vehicle.

That sounds serious, can you help?

Dependant on your car, your ball joints will be in the front or the rear of your suspension. Luckily, our team have the experience and training to deal with both.

In short, no matter what the vehicle, we can help repair your ball joints.