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Brake Pads

If your vehicle uses disc brakes, then it will have brake pads within its braking system, on each wheel. The brake pads are used when you apply pressure to the brake pedals, then these pads are forced ontot he brake disks, causing the vehicle to slow down. 

How will I know if they need replacing?

If your car is seeming to take longer to slow down, or you feel that they should be more responsive, then this would be a good indicator that your brake pads are wearing down. Or if your car has this function, then the brake warning light on your dashboard will flash on. 

Another key indicator is if your brakes are making that 'squeaking' noise, or a grinding noise when you brake. 

If your car is doing any of these things then don't hesitate to give us a call and we'll check it out for you and get it fixed.