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Car Suspension Repair

Just like with your brake system, a suspension system is made up of a series of different parts designed to all limit the effects of the road on your drive. Reducing vibrations and bumps in the road, giving you a smooth ride. 

If a single part of your suspension starts to fail or wear, then the entire suspension system could fail. If this happens then the time your tyres spend in contact with the road could be less, meaning your braking distance could be longer, providing a significant threat of danger. 

How can I tell if it is wearing down?

Suspension is one on the hardest parts to know if it i wearing down. As it gradually wears over time, you amy not notice the difference. A good way to ensure you catch it early is to regularly service your car, and your mechanic will let you know.

However if you do notice a difference in your suspension, then don't hesitate to give us a ring, we'd be happy to help.