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Electric Window Regulator Replacement

The majority of modern vehicles today have electric windows, if not on all 4 windows, then at least on the front 2. These are far more convenient to the driver, however they do come with many more parts than a traditional 'crank up' window. 

With the more parts, comes more opportunity for them to wear and fail. Your electric window movement is operated by the electric window regulator, and if broken, will mean your windows won't work. 

How can i tell if my Electric Window Regulator is wearing down?

Overtime, the majority of mechanism in your vehicle can wear out, here a few ways that you can tell if your's is wearing down:


  • If the window doesn't open or close when you flip the switch. 
  • If the window suddenly drops into the door uncontrollably.
  • If your window is slower than usual when going up or down.
  • If you window wont go up or down fully, when it should.

If your vehicle is suffering form any of these, then give One Stop a ring, and we'd be happy to help.