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Handbrake Shoe Replacement

Your hand brake shoes are connected to the handbrake cable, and are engaged when you pull the handbrake lever in your vehicle. These shoes are then pushed against your brake discs and stop your vehicle from moving. 

Over time the handbrake shoes can deteriorate and become loose or stiff. 

How can you tell if its broken?

If your vehicle has a handbrake warning light, then this will be on. However if your vehicle doesn't, then there are a few simple ways to know if your handbrake shoes have deteriorated:

  • If your vehicle moves or rolls when the handbrake is engaged. 
  • If the handbrake lever works, but only after excessive force pulling it up.
  • If the handbrake is on, but wont release. 
  • If your handbrake feels a lot looser on the handle. 

If this is the case, then call us, we'll come and get your vehicle, and get it fixed. Having a broken handbrake is extremely dangerous, especially if you're anywhere near a hill!