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Heater Blower Fan Repair

The heater blower fan is part of your heating system in your vehicle. It is the part of your heating system that blows the air into your vehicle, both hold and cold. It is responsible for supplying fresh and continuous air into your cabin. 

As with all parts in your heating system, it can wear down and eventually fail. Sometimes there can be a build up of heat on the fan and can melt down. If this does happen, most of the time it will be less expensive to replace the entire heater blower unit, instead of individual parts. 

How can I tell if it's broken?

If your fan stops working and there is no air being sent through the vents, then this is a good sign your blower fan may no longer be working. It can also be a sign if the air being pumped through is weaker than usual, or if the speed of the air doesn't change even when the settings are. 

If you are having these problems, then our team would be more than happy to help.