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Inlet Manifold Gasket Replacement

The Inlet Manifold Gasket is between the engine and the air intake manifold and it seals both parts together. It allows the air/fuel mixture to go through the air inlets into the engine, ready for combustion inside the engines cylinder. The Inlet Manifold gasket also is used to cool the engine coolant that can flow through it. 

How to tell when its worn

  • A key indicator could be if your 'Check Engine' light is on.
  • If your engine is over heating, or running at a higher temperature than usual. 
  • If there is fluid underneath your vehicle, this could indicate a work inlet manifold gasket. 
  • If you can see coolant around the inlet manifold.
  • If the engine isn't running smoothly.

If your vehicle is suffering from any of these, then it could well be your inlet manifold gasket that has worn down or failed. If this is the case, then our team would be happy to help, just give us a call.