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Wheel Bearings Replacement

Wheel bearings are what enable the wheels on your vehicle to spin freely and stay on the vehicle. There are four wheel bearings, one on each of your vehicles wheels.

What happens if they start to fail?

As they have the responsibility of keeping your wheels fixed onto your vehicle, then if they fail your wheels may start to shake as you drive, making driving unsafe. If this is the case, then you should let us know ASAP, as it is dangerous to drive your vehicle in this condition.


How can I tell if they are failing?

  • If your wheels are grinding or squealing when you drive.
  • If the steering wheel shakes when you drive your vehicle.
  • If the wheel bearing is locked up, the wheel will be tough to move forward.

Contact One Stop today if you are having these problems, we'll come pick up your vehicle for free, and get you back on the road.